NaNiDa Honey Mustard 300ml Bottle
Honey Mustard 300ml Bottle Sauce Na Ni Da
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The mellowness of honey combined with the zing of mustard makes this dressing ideal for salads and sandwiches.

  • A SOUTHERN ORIGINAL – Mild, sweet and full of flavor with the use of pure honey.

  • DOUBLE THE TANG – Boosted with a pinch of cayenne pepper!

  • POURABLE – Great dipping sauce for chicken, seafood, and egg rolls. You can also use it as a glaze for ham or stir it into baked beans.

  • DIP, DUNK, GLAZE – This dipping sauce is naturally fat free, so you can use as much as you want, guilt free!

  • Sweet honey mustard works great on wraps, sandwiches, dips, dressings, and more – bringing a range of dishes and snacks up a notch with its delicious flavor.